CryptoMatrix is back with a special NFT Halloween, and a bunch of surprises…

After an unprecedented first success, the CryptoMatrix Youtubeur returns to the non-fungible token (NFTs) scene with a special Halloween event, in which Cryptoast takes part! In addition to offering a new NFT, CryptoMatrix has other surprises in store for us, not the least of which is…

Halloween at CryptoMatrix

Following the undeniable success of its first NFT launched last month with 50 copies and sold out in just 2 hours, CryptoMatrix is organising an event for Halloween. In collaboration with the artist Petio, a new NFT special Halloween edition has just been released on the Rarible marketplace.

Only 100 copies of „Don’t Fear The Dump“ are available on Rarible as of today at 11:00 am French time, at the initial price of 0.30 ETH. In addition to supporting the development of the YouTube channel, 20% of the amount of all NFT sales will automatically be donated to the artist Petio via the smart contract.

In addition to the particularly successful aspect of the NFT and the fact that it is a collector’s item, CryptoMatrix is organising a huge event for all its holders.

The story could have ended there, but for far too long, I had to organise something special for you,“ says CryptoMatrix. »

And Crypto Trader Review oesn’t do things by halves. Among the 100 holders of the NFT created by the artist Petio, 10 will be drawn to receive another NFT even more collector’s item!

This second NFT Halloween special will be the work of Arke, one of Rarible’s most popular artists, who has climbed to the top of the rankings in just a few weeks.

Not the least of the surprises!

For CryptoMatrix, offering exclusive NFTs to its community wasn’t enough, it had to go further… In addition to receiving a 2nd NFT collector’s item, the 10 randomly selected winners will receive a plethora of gifts:

  • 1 Apple iPhone Pro 12 Max 128go ;
  • 1 Sony XM3 Bluetooth Noise Reduction Headset;
  • 1 Bluetooth Nano X Ledger;
  • 6 Nano S Ledger.

Cryptoast makes you win 10 NFTs!

Exclusively with Cryptoast, we distribute to our readers 10 of the 100 NFTs of the artist Petio through a contest! These NFTs are of course eligible for the draw organised by CryptoMatrix.

To have a chance to receive one of these NFTs, nothing could be simpler. All you have to do is complete one or more of the tasks below. The more tasks you complete, the more chances you have to win!

Direct link to the competition: click here

Please note that Cryptoast did not obtain these 10 NFTs free of charge, as they were purchased on the same basis as any participant in the Rarible marketplace.

Rules of the event

The draw will take place within 7 days at the latest from the sale of the 100th NFT and at the latest 1 month after the start of the sale if the totality is not sold.

The announcement of the drawn addresses will be made publicly on all CryptoMatrix social networks Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Facebook, YouTube. The winners of the Cryptoast contest will be announced on Twitter.

The Arke NFT Collector is the name of the sesame award that will entitle the winners to receive the prizes. Once the Arke NFTs have been distributed to the grand prize winners :

  • You will have to justify on your account – address ERC20 – that you are in possession of the 2 tokens (1 NFT Halloween from Petio and 1 NFT Halloween from Arke).
  • Send your information for delivery of the gift to the following email address:

Gifts will be sent as quickly as possible and within a maximum of 1 month, when this is feasible. With the exception of the NGRAVE pack which will be sent directly by the company in January 2021.

In the event that an elected representative does not show up, the pack will be withdrawn by lot after a waiting period of 7 days.

Good luck to all and happy Halloween with CryptoMatrix and Cryptoast! 🎃