Chancer Launches Token Presale: Disrupting the Predictions Market

• Chancer is a new company that will launch its token presale on June 13.
• Chancer seeks to disrupt the predictions market by allowing users to create their own blockchain-secured markets.
• The ecosystem will be secured using the Biance Chain blockchain, and the $CHANCER token will be used for governance purposes.

Chancer to Launch Token Presale

Chancer, a new company, is set to launch its token presale on June 13 in order to disrupt the predictions market and capitalize on the growth of sports betting around the world.

Sports Betting Industry Growth

Sports betting has seen significant growth recently, mainly from countries like America where online betting was previously banned. Companies such as Fanduel, DraftKings, and BetMGM are now giants in this industry worth billions of dollars. Blockchain companies are seeking ways to disrupt this industry with their global nature, and Chancer is entering this sector with unique features not offered by other companies.

Features of Chancer Ecosystem

The Chancer ecosystem will be secured using the Binance Chain blockchain and include smart contracts, open-source code, decentralised nodes, and decentralised data storage. What makes it special compared to other similar markets is that users can create their own markets for events like upcoming games or even elections where they can place bets on potential winners or losers of certain events.


The use of the $CHANCER token will facilitate the betting market with users able to bet in exchange for tokens when placing bets on these markets. This token can also be used for governance purposes where holders can submit proposals and vote on them accordingly.


Chancer hopes to revolutionize sports betting through its innovative features secured through Binance Chain’s blockchain technology while utilizing its own $CHANCER token for added security and functionality when participating in these markets.