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Explore Outer Space and Build Your City in BinaryX’s Project Matthew!

• BinaryX announced the upcoming release of a space-building simulation game called Project Matthew.
• Players take over as landlords and build extraterrestrial cities by setting up industrial production lines.
• The game features an army of helper robots, challenging battles, and exploration of neighboring and faraway planets.

BinaryX Launches Project Matthew

BinaryX has announced the upcoming release of a space-building simulation game, Project Matthew. The team just released the trailer video which gives a first look at the game, and is also opening registration for their Closed Beta Test happening soon.

Develop A City

Players are given an NFT plot to start their city in Project Matthew. They can build different types of helper robots that will contribute different skills to scavenge, battle, or explore new territories to develop the city.

Lead A Virtual Army

Players can recruit a robot army with different skills and abilities, and challenge enemies on the battlefield to earn massive rewards. The battlefield is divided into different levels of difficulties with greater rewards for higher levels.

Explore Space

Exploration is one of the primary ways to obtain rewards and resources in Project Matthew. The gameplay features a collection of neighboring and faraway planets waiting to be explored.

Excitement From BinaryX

Rudy S., Global Head of Business Operations and Development from BinaryX said: “Project Matthew is our biggest project for the first half of 2023…We want our players to immerse themselves in space as landowners and explorers”

Tether and City of Lugano Launch Plan Business Hub: Celebrate 1 Year of Crypto Adoption!

• Tether and the City of Lugano have launched the Plan Business Hub to celebrate the first anniversary of The Plan Initiative.
• The Hub will house more than 300 experts and enthusiasts, serve as a global point of reference in Lugano, and host recreational spaces for meetups and workshops.
• The goal is to make Lugano a center of excellence for blockchain technologies and foster education and development.

Tether & City of Lugano Launch Plan Business Hub

Tether Operations Limited (Tether) has joined forces with the City of Lugano to launch the Plan Business Hub to celebrate the first anniversary of The Plan Initiative. Launched on March 03, 2022, The Plan’s main objective was to scale Lugano’s blockchain capabilities by allowing businesses and shops within the city to accept crypto such as Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT), and lugan-based LVGA token as payment for goods and services.

Features Of The Plan Business Hub

The newly launched hub is designed to explore potential adoption of blockchain technology in businesses and long-term use of cryptocurrencies in Europe. It will host over 300 experts from various disciplines related to blockchain technology, be a point of reference in Lugano, provide recreational spaces for meetups & workshops that foster education & development, attract talent, encourage networking & knowledge sharing.

Objective Of The Initiative

The Mayor of Lugano, Michele Foletti commented on this initiative saying “the goal is to make Lugano a center of excellence for blockchain technologies”. With growing interest in crypto adoption across 150 businesses within the city since its launch last year it has made its place amongst other cities known for their technological advancements.

Impact On Blockchain Adoption

The success achieved by The Plan Initiative so far is attributed mainly due to its real-world use case which shows what potential blockchain technology holds when adopted across different industries worldwide. This also serves as an example that can be followed by other cities looking forward towards mainstream adoption & regulation when it comes to digital assets such as cryptocurrencies.


Launching such initiatives show how far blockchain technology has come since its inception & how much potential it holds if adopted widely across all sectors worldwide paving way towards digitalization & mainstream adoption leading us into a new era powered by decentralized technologies & digital assets like cryptocurrencies making transactions faster than ever before whilst ensuring maximum security at all times!